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What Community Members Are Saying....

"Jim is an educator and will promote and support issues that are important to educators. He will be a voice for retired teachers and he will work hard to make sure that current educators receive the benefits that are due them. These benefits include higher pay, affordable health care, and resources that will make them successful in the classroom. Jim is a man of high character and will do what is right for his constituents. He will not cater to lobbyists or special interests. He will make a great representative." - Donny Wiley

"I agree with his conservative principals including returning control of schools to the local School Boards and Educators. Eliminating the ineffective testing programs imposed by the State alone could save the state a billion dollars. The man is a doer and not a spectator. While some people may be scared of change and embrace the status quo I support Jim Largent because I believe he will keep his word and work hard to change things for the better." - Randy Turner

"I have observed him as a very capable administrator that knows the importance of quality in educating the student. When a person such as him changes from educator to elected representative it is a move that will help all in public education. " - Eddie Lane

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